8 ‘handy painting hacks’ to get a ‘smoother finish’ – how to ‘paint in the correct order’

“Instead of damaging your back by bending over using a paint brush or risking covering everything in sight using a spray, pour your decking paint into a tray, take an outdoor sweeping brush, dip it into the paint and sweep back and forth over the decking, saving your back and precious time.

“Use a broom with nice soft bristles to avoid flicking paint around and to achieve an even finish.”

7. Chase the shade

Exterior painting projects, whether a fence or a home, should not be done in direct sunlight. This can cause the paint to dry out too quickly which can cause drips to dry without you noticing.

The expert added: “Make sure you chase the shade, know roughly where the sun is going to be throughout the day, remember it rises in the east and sets in the west. 

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