'A must': Gardener's perfect spring plant and milk carton growing method – 'so much joy'

How to plant cosmos seeds in milk cartons

Sophie plants her seeds in milk cartons, turning them into outdoor propagators.

To make them she takes a craft knife and cuts around the middle of the two litre milk cartoons, leaving a portion of the plastic connected to create a lid.

She plants her seeds in here, before sellotaping the bottles up again and allowing the seed to grow in them.

The bottles form a miniature green house for the seedlings to germinate and grow.

Putting them in the freezer

If you are sowing seeds in the spring, it can be helpful to put the seeds in the freezer.

This tricks them into thinking its winter, so when the seeds come out they decide its time to grow.

Put bags of seeds in the freezer for two weeks before planting.

Make sure to check these methods are suitable for the specific plant you are sowing.

Gardener Mark Lane discussed the best place to position your houseplants to help them thrive. 

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