‘Absolute disgrace’ Republic lash out at Queen after role officially changed

The Queen’s role has been formally rewritten by Buckingham Palace following mobility issues suffered by the monarch. This saw Her Majesty’s “official duties” scaled back for the first time in more than a decade, according to reports.

Republic criticised the move as an “absolute disgrace”, insisting it was time the institution was done away with altogether.

It is no longer the duty of The Queen to take part in the State Opening of Parliament.

This was previously considered necessary by “constitutional convention”.

Prince Charles fulfilled the position of Her Majesty in this year’s State Opening.

His mother had only missed the occasion two times before during her 70-year reign.

The Queen’s responsibilities had previously been bullet-pointed but are now described as “[encompassing] a range of parliamentary and diplomatic duties”.

An updated document also highlights the support given to the monarch by her family.

It notes: “The Queen is greatly assisted by other members of the Royal Family who undertake official duties on behalf of Her Majesty.”

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The group describes itself as a campaign to replace the monarchy with an elected head of state.

Some social media users were also quick to throw criticism at the step down.

David Head wrote in a post on Twitter: “Time to step down.

“The UK can’t make do with a part-time head of state.”

Dermot Wickham suggested: “Please make Charles regent and let Elizabeth see out her final years with dignity and end the continual speculation about her health.”

Lesley Smith, however, insisted: “She deserves to take it easier at 96.”

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