'Alarming': Virologist issues warning about two new Covid variants hitting UK shores

Despite this, the UKHSA (United Kingdom Health Security Agency) has still been able to detect and maintain a degree of vigilance over the new variants BQ.11 and BA.2.75.2 and observe as they spread through the community.

Furthermore, the Government is also working its way through the latest round of COVID-19 boosters, encouraging close to half the population to come forward for their fourth dose of the vaccine alongside their flu jabs.While this will be effective at helping protect the most vulnerable, Professor Kinane said the government should go further:

“While no one wants to see a return of lockdowns and stringent restrictions, we need to adopt responsible practices to prevent a winter surge and the risk of overwhelming the NHS.

“Reasonable precautions include using face masks in enclosed space, especially at mass participation events, getting tested in case of appearance of even minor symptoms, avoid socialising in crowded indoor venues, and maintaining adequate social distancing when interacting with vulnerable or immunocompromised individuals.”

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