All the Kensington Palace cottages William, Harry and Eugenie have lived in over the years

Kensington Palace is one of the most famous royal residences and it is located in the heart of London surrounded by the lush greenery of Kensington Gardens. While some royals are lucky enough to reside in some of the palace’s larger apartments, there are some smaller cottages where modern members of the Royal Family have started their love stories over the years.

Nottingham Cottage

Nottingham Cottage is beloved by the Royal Family and nicknamed ‘Nott Cott’, and it has welcomed several residents over the years.

After they married in 2011, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge lived at Nottingham Cottage whenever they were in London.

They later moved into the larger Apartment 1A in 2013 shortly after the birth of their first child, Prince George, and the Wales family still resides there today.

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Other residences at Kensington Palace

Apartment 1A boasts 20 rooms, including five reception rooms and three kitchens, offering the Wales family plenty of space.

Apartments 8 and 9 were joined to create a family home for the then Prince of Wales, Charles, and his wife Princess Diana.

The Queen’s sister Princess Margaret previously lived in Apartment 10.

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