'Another wedge!' Moment fuming GP slams Sunak plot to fine patients skipping appointments

GP Martin Scurr from Norwich slammed Rishi Sunak’s proposal to fine patients £10 for missing NHS appointments. He argued the plan, defined as “a trivial and minimal strategy” by Mr Sunak, will lead to a further division in the “doctor-patient relationship” as he explained there could be perception issues wherein patients could be left thinking their GPs reported them for skipping their appointments.

Dr Scurr told LBC: “It’s another wedge between patients and doctors.

“It just divides the doctor-patient relationship.

“Even if it’s not the doctor really imposing that fine, the patient will feel that the doctor reported them.

“I think it’s a trivial and minimal strategy.

“Relations are not good at the present time anyway, and we can’t do anything that might make that worse.”

He continued: “Besides I fear that the cost and the bureaucracy to impose and collect these fines will probably be greater than the money that the fines would draw in.

“I think punishment for not attending is a big mistake.

“Many reasons people don’t turn up is not always malice and carelessness”.

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