‘Ants detest it’: How to use white vinegar to keep ants out of the home this spring

As well as being a nuisance, ants can be unhygienic, especially if appearing in areas like the kitchen. They usually come indoors in search of food or a nesting habitat. Even small amounts of food, like pet crumbs, can attract hundreds of ants. This is why it is extremely important to keep the home clean and promptly clean any food spills before ants discover them.

According to experts at www.hillarys.co.uk, it’s all about smells and disrupting the ant’s ability to pick up on scent trails left behind by other ants. 

They recommended using lemons, cinnamon as well as chalk, which they said is the “easiest way” to keep ants out of the home.

The experts said: “Chalk contains calcium carbonate and this confuses the scent that the ants are following.

“Drawing lines of chalk around an entrance should keep ants from coming inside.

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It is best to make a solution of equal amounts of water and vinegar, with a touch of essential oils.

The experts added: “Remember to shake well, then spray it around your window sills, doorways and other places where you usually see ants coming into your home.”

Strong citrus fruits such as lemons and oranges can also deter the bugs from entering the house.

The experts explained: “There are many ways to use these fruits to keep the ants away.

According to the experts at www.hillarys.co.uk, it will “act like a natural repellent” because of its strong smell.

They added: “You could also add some essential oils to the cinnamon to boost its smell.

“Spreading salt near any corners where ants would enter and crawl back into will also keep them from making an appearance in your home.

“Alternatively, cayenne pepper and black pepper are loathed by ants.

“You can either sprinkle pepper by the entrance or make a solution of pepper and water and spray it near the problem areas.

“It won’t kill the ants, just simply deter them from coming near your home.”

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