Anxious dad threatened with bailiffs despite paying parking ticket – ‘ I feel intimidated’

Herlas Cosmin, 38, has been threatened with bailiffs over a parking fine that he received while picking up his wife and newborn baby from Coventry Hospital 18 months ago. Mr Cosmin said he made it clear that he paid for a parking ticket and even has a bank transaction to prove it.

However, despite all the evidence, the father-of-two has recently received a letter threatening him with bailiffs.

Mr Cosmin said that he now feels concerned about his family’s safety.

He is also worried about all of his possessions after the letter demanded a payment of £170, CoventryLive reported.

The whole ordeal began on November 8, 2020, when Mr Cosmin drove to University Hospital Coventry to pick up his wife and their newborn baby.

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Many weeks later Mr Cosmin, who lives in Rugby with his wife and their two children, received another letter from CPP.

He ticked the “appeal box” and sent the form back with another copy of the corresponding bank statement.

Mr Cosmin told CoventryLive: “I thought that was the end of it.

“But then, two weeks ago, I got sent a letter from the bailiffs asking for almost double the first amount.

“When you try to solve a problem and no one wants to help it is very annoying and frustrating.

“I have tried to solve it and I can’t.

“I contacted citizens advice because I didn’t know where else to turn.

“I believe it is unfair me having to pay a fine when I paid the car parking charges and I also have proof to show.”

Mr Cosmin continued: “The reason I went to the hospital was to pick up our second child.

“It should have been a happy experience, but all of this has happened. It’s a date I definitely can’t forget.” has contacted Car Parking Partnership and Direct Collection Bailiffs Ltd for comment.

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