Appear at your own funeral as new tech creates digital clone

Tech firm StoryFile’s artificial intelligence-powered video platform captures a person’s image as they answer a series of questions about their life.

After their death the clone speaks on video, as the software picks “live” relevant answers to the topics raised.

The technology, available in the UK this week, was used at a memorial service last month for Holocaust campaigner Marina Smith, 87.

She had spent several hours discussing her life on a webcam in January.

Her image was turned into the hologram, which appeared for a Q&A session at her funeral in Babworth, Notts. The technology comes from her son Stephen’s Los Angeles-based firm.

He said: “Mum answered questions from grieving relatives after they had watched her cremation.

“The extraordinary thing was that she answered their questions with new details and honesty. People feel emboldened when recording their data. Mourners might get a freer, truer version of their lost loved one.”

Fans of the technique include Star Trek actor William Shatner, who recorded his memories last year.

  • Mourners can buy their relative’s clone for a reported £39.99.

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