'Are you embarrassed?' Anneliese Dodds on spot as Rishi Sunak 'more generous' than Labour

Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced every household will get a £400 energy bill discount under an emergency cost-of-living package that will be partly funded by a £5 billion windfall tax on oil and gas giants. BBC’s Clive Myrie went on to ask Anneliese Dodds if she is “embarrassed” by the measure. He asked: “This week the Government gave the worst-off households £1,200 to deal with that.

“Labour was offering £600. Are you embarrassed that actually, the Conservatives are way more generous than you?”

Speaking to BBC Sunday Morning, Ms Dodds said: “We’ve seen some action finally from the symptoms of the cost of living crisis which Labour has been calling for many months, five months we were calling for a windfall tax.

“But we’re not seeing any action on the causes of that cost of living crisis.

“We haven’t heard anything from the Government around home insulation. Labour has been calling for many months now for a mass insulation programme.

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“That would be taking £400 off people’s bills not just this year but every year into the future.

“They also haven’t taken action to grow out economy.”

More to follow….

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