'Are you serious?' GB News' 'world exclusive' Thomas Markle interview slammed by viewers

Thomas Markle has been in and out of the press ever since his daughter The Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle, married Prince Harry. The happy couple has recently been in the Netherlands to support the 2022 Invictus Games. While appearing on GB News in a world exclusive interview, Thomas Markle opened up to Dan Wootton about his daughter and announced he would travel to London to attend the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in June.

The interview was branded a “world exclusive” with Markle reported to have news which would “shock” his daughter and Prince Harry. 

However, when the announcement was simply that he would be in London for the Jubilee, viewers slammed the interview. 

Twitter user @sutty56 posted: “Is that it ??? World exclusive ???? Are you serious ???? Who cares ??? Omg.”

@ColinMe1 asked: “Why on earth do the media keep giving this man coverage?”

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Savannah Storm tweeted: “Is that it?” while Kim Ford added: “That’s it? Hardly earth shaking is it?”

Marion Mertins had strong views on the matter and said: “Irrespective of my view about Harry’s family – I really think that Thomas Markle must stop pushing this viciousness .. and keep away from the people he so hates! 

“If he needs easy money to raise his head again .. we’ll, it’s never easier!! Pathetic father!”

However, Hailey Burne thought otherwise and commented: “Brilliant move. . It’s a win-win. If it stopped that pair coming for the Jubilee, that would be fabulous. If they did come and he made them uncomfortable, that would be hilarious. Bravo Thomas and GB news.”

“So I don’t understand half the things he says, and I have so little respect for that man.”

As the interview went on, Markle had some strong words for his son-in-law as he continued: “I think he is an idiot. First of all, to come over, to fly all the way over and to not bring the children, that’s ridiculous.”

He also had some harsh words for his daughter as he added: “First of all, most mothers don’t leave a nine-month-old child behind. 

“They usually hold onto that child until they get a little older – that is one thing that really bothers me.

“The idea that they won’t feel safe is ridiculous!”

Explaining why he wanted to attend the Jubilee, Markle stated: “I’m going to show my respects for the Queen, and I’m going to let them know and make sure the Queen understands my entire family respects the Queen and the Royals.

“We admire them, and we want them to know that that’s how we feel about them, and that’s how we feel about England.”

Mr Markle added he would like to meet Charles and thank him “for walking my daughter down the aisle”.

Dan Wootton Tonight airs Monday-Thursday on GB News at 9pm

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