Arnold Schwarzenegger involved in 'bad' four-car collision as SUV flip onto another car

Arnold Schwarzenegger was driving his Yukon SUV when he crashed into a red Toyota Prius on Sunset Boulevard, just minutes away from his home in Brentwood, reports claim. The accident is said to have taken place at 4.35pm, shortly after Arnold had enjoyed lunch with his son Patrick Schwarzenegger and daughter Christina in Santa Monica.

The crash’s impact appeared to have been severe enough that the Prius’ airbags deployed as a result of the collision, leaving the driver with a head injury.

Arnold, who formerly worked as the governor of California, also came into contact with another vehicle as his SUV rolled onto a white Porsche Cayenne that was tailing behind.

Law enforcement is currently performing a full investigation to determine how the accident occurred.

It’s believed that four cars were involved in the crash, with the Prius having suffered the worst damages.

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The father-of-five remained calm and collected after escaping the crash without injuries.

He was reportedly worried about the driver of the Prius, whose car bonnet was completely destroyed from the impact of the accident.

US actor and fitness coach Jake Steinfeld, who is close pals with Arnold, was also at the scene at the time that the crash occurred.

It remains unclear whether it was actually the Escape Plan actor who was behind the wheel of the SUV, but the LAPD is already believed to have ruled out that the wreck was caused due to DUI, KABC reports.

“There was a collision about 4.35 on Sunset and Allenford Avenue,” a spokesperson for the Los Angeles Police Department told PA.

“It was a four-vehicle traffic collision (and) fire departments and paramedics transported one female to a local hospital with an abrasion to her head.

“Neither alcohol nor drugs are suspected as a factor in this and all parties remained at the scene.”

The Emmy Award-winning movie star was previously involved in a crash back in 2006 after taking his motorcycle for a spin only to collide with a vehicle backing out of a driveway.

Arnold was driving with his then-12-year-old son Patrick, who escaped any injuries while his dad was taken to the hospital, where he received 15 stitches in his lip.

LAPD Officer Jason Lee revealed at the time that Arnold was unable to bring his motorcycle to a stop when conflict occurred, having deemed the incident as a “minor traffic collision” and a “relatively low-speed collision”.

It was just last month when Arnold was hailed a “hero” after donating 25 homes to homeless veterans right before Christmas. 

The good deed, posted on his Instagram page, saw Arnold surprise over two-dozen people who had served the country by offering them a new house to call their own.

“Today, I celebrated Christmas early,” he wrote in his IG post. 

“The 25 homes I donated for homeless veterans were installed here in LA. It was fantastic to spend some time with our heroes and welcome them into their new homes.”

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