Australian zoo releases clip after five lions escape enclosure in 'code one' lockdown

An Australian zoo has released footage showing five lions escaping an enclosure in an incident which led to a “code one” lockdown. The clip was released by Taronga zoo on Thursday.

Four cubs and an adult male lion were filmed clawing at the fence before managing to escape underneath.

The four-legged quintet then proceeded to wander around outside their exhibit in Sydney.

Cubs Luzuko, Zuri, Khari, Malika and father Ato remained calm before attempting to return on their own, according to the Guardian.

Taronga zoo was put under a so-called “code one” alert after the pride escaped.

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Staff and visitors sought shelter until the lions were eventually returned to their enclosure.

In a statement, the zoo said: “The five lions calmly investigated within metres of their main exhibit, before actively trying to find their way back under the fence as lioness Maya and keepers began calling for them.

“The cubs and father Ato made several attempts to re-enter the exhibit and male cub Luzuko was the first to successfully do so.

“He was followed shortly after by female cub Zuri and male cub Khari.

The lions will be kept in an “outdoor back-of-house habitat” while the investigation is ongoing.

The probe means the big cats will not be back in their main exhibit before Christmas.

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