‘Axe the nanny state!’: Liz Truss urged to scrap sugar tax on soft drinks

Statistics gathered as part of the National Child Measurement Programme found between 2019 and 2021 the proportion of primary school aged children becoming obese had significantly increased.

Mr Snowdon said “rates of obesity among children and adults have increased”, arguing the tax’s “failure is no surprise. Sugar taxes have never worked anywhere. They are remarkably ineffective at reducing sales of sugary drinks, let alone at reducing calorie intake and obesity.”

He added: “The sugar tax has achieved the square root of diddly squat while extracting £1billion from the pockets of hard-pressed consumers and ruining the taste of several cherished soft-drink brands.

“For a Prime Minister focused on deregulation, lowering taxes and the cost of living, getting rid of it is an obvious place to start.”

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