Bargain Hunt's Charlie Ross opens up on retirement 'Onwards and upwards'

Bargain Hunt is back on the BBC and the daytime series is hosted by a number of different presenters. Charlie Ross has been a part of the series for 10 years, and a presenter for seven. He spoke to about his admiration for the show and his co-stars.

Charlie Ross is a well-known face on the BBC as he has featured in a number of antiques programmes.

He initially wanted to be a dentist but did not manage to pass his exams for medical school.

With none of his family having any connection to the world of antiques, he had no idea it would become his passion.

In 1968 he was offered a job auctioning off pens of chickens, working his way up the ranks.

Now, the renowned auctioneer said he hopes to continue the job for many years to come.

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He said how he fell into the industry was by “chance and fate of circumstance”.

His biggest break was in 2004 when an American man who had a vintage car auction at Pebble Beach asked him to be the auctioneer.

Charlie explained: “He had been given my name. I didn’t dare tell him that I had never been to America and I had never sold anything in dollars.

“One car sold for $4million and that was very exciting.”

Speaking about some of his biggest profits, he explained he bought some Staffordshire pottery for £8 which sold for just shy of £2,700 at auction.

Charlie ran his own auction house in Woburn for over 25 years and has conducted auctions for antiques, commercial and residential properties.

He has also conducted many charity auctions, for The Rainbow Trust, The Prince’s Trust, Cancer Research UK and more.

The expert has been a resident auctioneer for MacDougall’s, Russian art specialists.

He is also a guest auctioneer at Bainbridges in Ruislip and Hansons in Derby.

Bargain Hunt returns today (February 11) on BBC Two at 11.30am.

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