BBC Breakfast fans distracted by Mark Owen appearance as host probes ‘you look different'

With new music in the pipeline, Mark Owen was keen to tease what fans can expect when he joined Jon Kay and Sally Nugent on the BBC Breakfast sofas on Monday. And while the news of new music will undoubtedly excite Take That fans, it seems many were more concerned with Mark’s new look – one that is worlds away from his days in the boy band. 

In fact, Sally addressed Mark’s new look outright, probing the singer why he now dons a moustache.

Reacting to the new look from home, Twitter user @Harsha35063462 admitted they were distracted: “Can’t stop looking at Mike Owens moustache #BBCBreakfast.”

While @doubletop jokingly weighed in on Mark’s look: “#BBCBreakfast whoa! It’s Brad Pitt’s dad.”

Elsewhere, @JustKillMeNow1O pulled no punches as they queried: “Good Lord, what’s happened to Mark Owen?? #BBCBreakfast.”

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BBC viewer Dylan Roberts hit out: “Sally to an aging Mark Owen: You look different. Nice Sally, really nice.#BBCBreakfast.” (Sic)


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