BBC fans slam Charlie Stayt's Queen coverage from queue 'Last time I pay a licence fee!'

Thousands of people have been gathering at Westminster Abbey over the past few days to pay their respects to Queen Elizabeth II. People are being advised to stay away at the moment, as the waiting time is said to be more than 24 hours. During Saturday’s BBC Breakfast, Charlie Stayt broadcast live from Westminister Abbey to give viewers the latest coverage from the queue.

However, while some were thrilled to witness such a historic moment, others felt the coverage was a “waste of a licence fee”.

Taking to social media, user @Dookist penned: “BBC broadcasting all the live footage of a queue, which is really, really boring, then as soon as anything interesting happens, they make sure the cameras cut away…why?”

G replied: “You said it, why are you watching people in a queue.”

“One hour of #BBCBreakfast, 7am-8am, has consisted of 52 minutes of ‘reportingr on the Queen and 8 minutes of other content. Last time I pay a TV licence fee ever, @UnInterlocutor raged. (sic)

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Russell Prendo asked: “Will you please update on the status of the accessibility queue to see The Queen lying in state when you broadcast updates about the main queue.”

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays at 6am on BBC One.

More to follow…

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