BBC live feed cuts out as Laura Kuenssberg welcomes Liz Truss in key interview

Liz Truss was about to discuss her economic agenda when the BBC line cut right before the start of the interview. Laura Kuenssberg’s Sunday show started with Liz Truss speaking halfway through her comments on her tax cuts plan. Instead of Liz Truss speaking, BBC viewers got to see a blank screen.

The technical problem did not go unnoticed as political reporters and Twitter users tweeted out about the glitch.

Political journalist Paul Brand tweeted: “More media problems for Liz Truss as the line cuts out during her key interview to kick off the conference on #BBCLauraK

The i Paper’s Chief political commentator said: “After @michaelgove told @bbclaurak there were ‘a number of mistakes’ in the ‘mini-Budget’, did someone at No10 cut the BBC line from Birmingham? Then forget to put it back for the Truss interview? #thisisajoke

While Jacqui Smith said: “It’s Birmingham, not the Moon!”

“Either the BBC is having tech issues with the Truss interview or the very cameras have, understandably, fallen asleep,” Otto English said.

Right before the interview with Liz Truss, BBC started experiencing technical issues.

The Guardian’s Political Editor Pippa Crerar was also cut off on one occasion while reacting to the mini-budget. 

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