BBC panel gets heated as Labour MP erupts at wasting taxpayers' money on partygate

Labour MP Lucy Powell was left fuming at the £460,000 bill spent on the investigation into Boris Johnson’s partygate scandal, the majority of which came from British taxpayers. The Metropolitan Police investigation into 12 events spanning from May 2020 to April 2021 found Boris Johnson was not guilty of further coronavirus breaches. The head of the Institute for Economic Affairs Emily Carver said that taxpayers financed an investigation for a “minor” incident since Mr Johnson was only fined for breaking the rules on his birthday event in Downing Street.

Dismissing the argument, Ms Powell told her fellow BBC Question Time panellist: “There didn’t need to be an inquiry if the Prime Minister had confessed from the beginning.

Ms Carver hit back: “I just think there are so much more important matters to be talking about than this.

“What I would like to see the Government do is have an amnesty on these fines and hand back all that money that was fined for breaking these ridiculous rules that in my view were contradictory, should never have been in place, and were impossible for human social beings to live by.

“And I think that should have been the lesson that we take away.”

Ms Powell retorted: “But I think that’s the point though, Emily.

“The point is these are the people who made the laws.

“And because they’re not living the same lives that everybody else is living, they didn’t understand how difficult they were to live around and they broke them egregiously and on an industrial scale.”

Ms Carver then asked: “But to that point, then do you not accept then that Keir Starmer probably should also have handed his resignation because he is under investigation by the police?”

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“But I think taking a step back and looking at this. At the moment, Keir Starmer himself is under the cosh, he’s under a police investigation in Durham.

“We have Boris who’s been done for one fine for essentially, I don’t think he even ate the cake at the event he was supposedly at.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson only received one fine for participating in a birthday celebration in Downing Street in June 2020.

His spokesperson on Thursday confirmed the Met Police had informed Mr Johnson and his wife Carrie they would receive no further fines.

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