'Being gaslighted by Biden' Foster savages US leader over 'outrageous' Unionist swipe

US President Joe Biden has ruffled feathers in Ireland and amongst Irish-Americans after stating “I may be Irish, but I’m not stupid,” during a recent St Patrick’s Day event. Arlene Forster has argued the President’s remarks, and others like it, are further evidence that Mr Biden “doesn’t really recognise that Unionists exist in Northern Ireland.” 

Mr Foster told GB News: “It’s difficult to know where to start with Joe Biden isn’t it.

“I mean, I think that for those of us who are Northern Irish, but we are also British, we are essentially being gaslighted by the President of the United States.

“He doesn’t really recognise that Unionists exist in Northern Ireland.

“You could see him on that frame there at the speaker’s lunch crossing himself before he spoke, saying that he was you know, we may be Irish but he’s not stupid.

“Which frankly, if I was an Irish American proponent of Biden, I would be absolutely outraged by,” she noted.

The former leader of the DUP continued: “He then went on to talk about the Prime Minister of England. Sorry, he’s the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. B

“ut you know, this isn’t the first time that we’ve had the sort of rhetoric from Biden, you may recall when he was stopped by the BBC for an interview and he said, Sorry, who are you? And they said, Well, we’re the BBC and he said, No, I’m Irish be walked up.

“So basically said he didn’t want anything to do with the British Broadcasting Corporation.”

And my message to President Biden and indeed to Irish America, in general, is we exist, we will continue to exist and we’re not going away.”

President Biden wore a green tie, with a bunch of shamrocks stuffed into his jacket breast pocket, for Wednesday’s virtual St. Patrick’s Day celebration on Thursday.

In attendance was Irish Prime Minister Micheal Martin.

Mr Biden has referenced his Irish heritage frequently in the past. 

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