'Bets would be off' Putin to expect immediate NATO response if Russia deploys bio weapons

The ex Pentagon official claimed that any use of biological or chemical warfare by Russia would be considered a grave threat by NATO states. Russian President Putin has invaded neighbouring Ukraine and has threatened the West with nuclear warfare if they intervene in the conflict. Putin has announced that he has put his nuclear arsenal on standby, worrying the Western world.

LBC host Tom Swarbrick asked: “What then happens if in terms of a NATO response if Russia uses chemical or biological weapons in Ukraine?”

Mr Weber said: “Well that would be horrific, that would be crossing a threshold and all bets would be off if they used either chemical weapons or biological weapons against Ukraine.”

The answer prompted the LBC presenter to ask: “You think that NATO would be drawn into this if that were the case?”

Mr Weber replied: “Well let me just say that the current… Without this sounding like a threat, the current nuclear deterrents of NATO and the United States would consider any use of weapons of mass destruction a grave threat.”


Mr Swarbrick added: “To to NATO itself?”

The former Pentagon official said: “To NATO and the member states yes.”

Mr Swarbrick asked: “Even if the weapons attack is carried out on a non-NATO country?”

Mr Weber said: “Well Ukraine is a partner, it’s not a member of NATO, well just as if… Well, let’s just say if President Putin were to employ either nuclear weapons as he’s threatened or chemical weapons as it seems like they may be preparing the ground to do with their propaganda campaign it will change everything.”

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Some political analysts have suggested that Putin is using non-conventional weapons as a threat to allow his invasion to continue.

Executive director of ICAN, Beatrice Fihn, told AFP in an interview on Tuesday: “The nuclear threat is now being used in an extremely malicious and evil way to illegally invade another country that does not have nuclear weapons.

“Russia is practically using it to blackmail its way into invading Ukraine and no one can intervene.

“Not only is this meant to instil fear in the whole world; it’s also meant to scare anyone from helping in Ukraine.”


Senior Royal Navy Officer Admiral Sir Tony Radakin explained how Britain should handle the nuclear threat on BBC News last week.

The Admiral said: “So I think we’ve got to be very cautious about President Putin’s threats.

“We are part of the world’s largest military alliance, we have our own nuclear deterrent, we’ve got to retain calmness and responsibility so that we don’t just react rashly to whatever is the latest, frankly at times bizarre or ridiculous comment from President Putin.

“So we are prepared, we are professional armed forces, we will approach this conflict with that level of professionalism and responsibility that you would expect.

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