'Bizarre' ITV reporter baffled as retreating Russians leave mysterious 'Satanic symbols'

An ITV reporter on the frontline of the Ukrainian fightback was baffled as retreating Russian soldiers left behind “bizarre Satanic symbols”. ITV correspondent Dan Rivers was reporting from a highway west of Kyiv that Ukraine had blown up to stop Russian advances into the capital. Earlier today, it was confirmed that Ukrainian troops around Kyiv had retaken more than 30 towns or villages in the region.

In his report, Mr Rivers shows how Ukrainian police check bodies left behind by the Russian soldiers for booby-trap explosives and landmines.

He reveals that a two-hour battle involving between eight to 16 Russian forces, who had begun looting a petrol station near the now-destroyed bridge, became engaged in a firefight with Ukrainian troops.

He continued: “A few minutes later, we are allowed to move forward to a petrol station that the Ukrainians say was looted by the Russians.”

Mr Rivers shows a pentagram drawn in red, alongside the figures ‘666’, on the floor of the petrol station.

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He adds: “Ukrainians claim these are the bizarre Satanic symbols that the Russians left on the floor.

“They also ransacked the shop and emptied the cash machine.

“Although this bridge out of Kyiv has been blown up by the Ukrainians, the battle for this highway is not over.

“The Russians continue to probe along it daily and Russian shelling has been relentless.”

He added: “Let us have no illusions – there are still heavy battles ahead for the south, for Mariupol, for the east of Ukraine.”

Russia has also struggled to maintain control of captured cities, as troops violently dispersed a pro-Ukraine rally taking place in the occupied southern town of Enerhodar today.

One video from the protest showed explosions going off in the centre of the town while police detained some participants.

The local administration posted on Telegram: “The occupiers are dispersing the protesters with explosion.”

They said that at least four people had been wounded and were being treated in hospital.

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