Boiler trick could save you money on your next energy bill – make the change in minutes

Many Britons are feeling the pinch with soaring gas and electricity bills and bracing themselves for another increase when the price cap goes up in April to take account of wholesale costs. Turning the thermostat down is one popular method of saving money in the home. But now a thrifty mum has discovered another little-known trick that has saved her hundreds on her gas bill.

The money-saving mum has said that this trick has saved her £95 on her energy bill since the beginning of December.

As energy bills are set to skyrocket, the mum shared the trick, which involves checking the flow settings on boilers, on Mumsnet so that others can save “huge amounts” on their heating bills just like she did.

Posting on the online forum for parents, the woman said the tip was sent to her in an email by Octopus Energy as part of the provider’s Winter Warmer scheme.

This trick is great as anyone who has a boiler can do it, and it only takes minutes to make the quick change.

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Octopus estimates that on average, turning the water flow temperature down will save Britons eight percent on  gas bills.

Usually, boilers will come pre-set to a temperature that is far higher than needed, this doesn’t mean that the household will be warmer, but actually all it does is add massive amounts to bills and emissions.

Octopus says it’s like putting your foot flat to the floor when driving as it’s hugely wasteful but doesn’t really affect your journey time, according to ChronicalLive.

Octopus Energy has provided a few suggestions for what Britons need to do.

For those who have a combi boiler, they should set their flow temperature to 50c for heating and 55c for hot water.

It may take a little longer to heat up, but the gas and CO2 savings make it worthwhile.

Plus, with combi boilers, Britons don’t need to worry about legionella as it only breeds in standing water and these boilers keep it flowing.

For those who have a boiler and a hot water cylinder, they should set the flow temperature on their boiler to a few degrees over 60c for heating and hot water, and set their hot water cylinder to 60c also.

This helps to stop bacteria like legionella from multiplying.

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