Boris a 'dead man walking' even if Gray report less 'damning' than forecast Baker warns

Norman Baker insisted that Boris Johnson has no choice but to throw in the towel and quit as Prime Minister even if Sue Gray’s report turns out to be less “damning” than anticipated. The former Home Office Minister argued the Prime Minister would expose too many divisions in the Conservative Party by staying because he has been “holed below the waterline” following a string of allegations of lockdown-busting bashes at Nr 10. For Mr Baker, there is absolutely no chance at this point that Mr Johnson remains behind the famous black door in Downing Street for too long, as up to “15 different parties” are being probed. 

Tory MPs fear for their party’s future after plunging to their lowest poll rating against Labour in nearly 10 years and they earmarked Mr Johnson as the culprit who wrecked the Conservatives’ reputation.

Talking to GB News, Mr Baker said that the current Prime Minister has even succeeded in becoming even more unpopular than former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

He said: “Clearly a large section of the Conservative party and parliament does want him to go.

“And it’s been very open about that, there’s been rumbles and parties before but I can’t ever recall a time as open and as forceful as this.

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“The Prime Minister is basically a dead man walking as far as I can see it.

“He’s waiting for something to happen even if Sue Gray’s report isn’t as damning as people think it will be, Boris Johnson can’t carry on in this way.

“He’s now been holed below the waterline.

“And if you’re looking at the opinion polls, he has now got a poll rating worse than Jeremy Corbyn!”

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“I think the Tory MPs from my perspective have lost confidence in Boris Johnson, even the ones who are favourable to him.

“And they want a new start, I imagine!”

The abysmal polls and accusations of discrmination against Nusrat Ghani emerging this week have further compounded Mr Johnson’s predicament.

The Wealden MP claimed she was dismissed from her position at the Department for Transport because of her Muslim background in February 2020.

Mr Baker said: “I think it’s extraordinary.

“In respect of anything else this story has snowballed, I think we are up to 15 different parties now and I know there are more to come.

“Sue Gray was rewriting her report every couple of days as more information comes forward, we are now in a situation where Tory MPs are alleging matters need to be referred to the Metropolitan Police.

“Nus Ghani, the MP for next door Wealden is now alleging that she was discriminated against because of her Muslim background. These allegations are quite extraordinary.”

But Conservative Chief Whip Mark Spencer, who felt addressed, dismissed the allegations as defamatory and untrue.


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