Boris accused of 'gaslighting' Brits with Ukraine support 'They're never going to win'

Raging LBC caller Kieran from Maidstone slammed Boris Johnson’s decision to provide Ukraine with an extra £54 military aid package and claimed the outgoing prime minister and the government are “gaslighting” British people with their support to Ukraine in the middle of an energy crisis and soaring energy bills. Referring to Mr Johnson, he said prime minister is “jumping around playing war games” with Ukraine’s President Zelensky and stressed people who cannot afford to pay for their bills do not care about Ukraine as the country cannot win alone against Russia.

Caller Kieran told LBC host Tom Swarbrick: “Obviously, this cost of living is kind of for the whole Ukraine thing.

“Once again we have a government which is gaslighting the nation.

“Boris is literally just jumping around playing war games with Zelensky.”

He continued: “I’ll be honest with you I don’t really care because as far as I’m concerned Ukrainians are never going to win this war.

“The only way Ukraine can win this war is if the UK, America and everyone posing with soldiers and then we will go to World War 3.

“That’s the only way possible.

He concluded: “We’re literally bogging ourselves down and I think people who are very well insulated at the moment can easily say ‘yeah, let’s support Ukraine’.

“People down the road, who cannot afford this, don’t care.

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