Boris and Carrie’s matchmaker recalled how pair bonded during Brexit vote

Boris Johnson has a matter of weeks left in No 10 as Prime Minister with the winner of the Conservative party leadership debate, and the new leader of the country, due to be announced on September 5. Mr Johnson’s time in office will be remembered by many for numerous reasons, parting ways with many Westminster traditions. One saw him become the first Prime Minister to live in No 10 with a girlfriend after the-then Carrie Symonds moved in with him.

He continued: “Yes [we became friends]. We would quite often have to go to events together or we would discuss work over a drink later. 

“Carrie was a great ABBA fan and she, I remember, went to the premier of the Mamma Mia movie — I think the second one. 

“And we were always going to the live performance restaurant that they were opening at the O2, sadly we never got there.” 

Although Mrs Johnson had previously campaigned on Boris’s 2010 mayoral campaign, Mr Whittingdale believed he “played a part” in their “first” real meeting in the run-up to the Brexit vote. 

Mr Whittingdale said Mrs Johnson took the plunge at this time by going against the Vote Remain campaign.

He continued: “It was quite a brave decision of Carrie, as a Government-appointed advisor, to say that she was also going to campaign to leave.”

Mr Whittingdale revealed that as Mr Johnson was the public face of the Brexit campaign it was likely the first time they had met. 

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According to the Independent, then-Northern Ireland minister Conor Burns – a close aide of the Prime Minister – stumbled upon the pair having a glass of wine and then deduced “where the relationship was heading”, but that “nothing remotely physical was happening”.

In September of that year, Boris and his then-lawyer wife, Marina Wheeler, released a statement that they were divorcing. However, the couple said they had separated “several months” before.

Ms Wheeler was then diagnosed with cervical cancer and in an interview with Good Housekeeping magazine last year, she said: “My four children and I already had tough stuff to handle. My 25-year marriage had become impossible, so I ended it, but the whole business was grim. 

“So why was I being doled out more? Of course, that’s not how cancer works. Nor does life.”

Boris and Carrie’s relationship then became known to the media in 2019, the same year he became Prime Minister where he oversaw the Conservatives make a net gain of 48 seats in the 2019 general election, the highest percentage increase of the popular vote since 1979. 

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