Boris humiliated as unearthed column sees him mock Brown for clinging on: 'The game is up'

Boris Johnson is clinging to his premiership by the fingernails, with more than 50 resignations among his top team in the past 48 hours alone and growing calls from within his own Cabinet to stand down. As the mutiny swells, a column written by the Prime Minister in the dying hours of Gordon Brown’s premiership has come to light, and will make for uncomfortable reading for Mr Johsnon today. 


Writing in the Telegraph, Mr Johnson said: “The whole thing is unbelievable. As I write these words, Gordon Brown is still holed up in Downing Street. 

“He is like some illegal settler in the Sinai desert, lashing himself to the radiator, or like David Brent haunting The Office in that excruciating episode when he refuses to acknowledge that he has been sacked. 

“Isn’t there someone – the Queen’s Private Secretary, the nice policeman on the door of No 10 – whose job it is to tell him that the game is up?”

The column came in the wake of the 2010 General Election which resulted in a hung parliament. 

Mr Brown stepped announced his resignation just hours after Mr Johnson’s column was published. 

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