Boris Johnson 'had been sick over his suit' in car crash TV interview with Susanna Reid

The Prime Minister had arranged a “distress signal” with his aides in case he needed to hastily end the interview with the breakfast programme presenter. Boris Johnson is said to have been sick on his suit and forced to quickly change before his brutal grilling over the Government’s handling of the cost of living crisis.

One of his aides told The Sunday Times: “He had food poisoning.

”He was throwing up and had to change his suit because he got sick on his lap.”

The news comes after reports the Tory leader told his senior aides in a morning meeting: “I just got beaten up by Susanna Reid.”

Mr Johnson had refused to go on Good Morning Britain while Piers Morgan was hosting, but his first interview with the programme in five years did not seem to fare any better.

The Tory premier didn’t seem prepared for presenter Susanna Reid’s relentless questioning. He was probed by the ITV presenter last week about the current cost of living crisis and unprecedented rise in inflation.

Mr Johnson claimed the Government had taken great steps to tackle the UK’s economic woes, but Ms Reid was forced to interject several times to get her arguments across.

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He replied: “I don’t want Elsie to cut back on anything, let’s talk about Elsie and what we are doing and I just want to remind you, the 24-hour Freedom Bus Pass is something I introduced.”

Ms Reid responded: “So Elsie should be grateful to you for her bus pass?”

Mr Johnson went on to state: “There are plenty more things that we are doing.

“We want to make sure we have people who are in particular hardship to be looked after, so we are putting more money into local councils.

“We have the particular payments to help elderly people in particular in the cost of living.”

Downing Street has recently said it was open to all options for dealing with mounting living costs.

Asked what Mr Johnson would say to Tory MPs demanding the income tax cut be brought forward, given the scale of the crisis this year, the Prime Minister’s official spokesman pointed to “significant support already available”.

He said: “We know that this is (at) the forefront of the public’s mind; it’s certainly (at) the forefront of the Prime Minister’s mind and we will keep all options open.”

On whether people would have to wait until the autumn budget before anything further was done, he said the Government would act “when it is the right time to do so – I don’t restrict that to a certain period in the year”.

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