Boris Johnson LIVE: Rebels about to unleash new secret recordings – plot to oust PM erupts

Former Conservative MP Rory Stewart has blasted Boris Johnson saying he “can’t see what future he has”. 

Speaking to Sky News he said a leader needs “credibility, you need supporters, you need energy, you need enthusiasm, you need confidence” but Boris Johnson has “lost it”. 

He said: “It’s very difficult to see that returning and see him being a credible leader again.”

When asked if he is surprised the PM got himself “into this mess, Mr Stewart said: “Not at all, we should all have expected this. 

“He has been a very famous public figure for thirty years, the British public has spent 30 years focusing on the fact that he lies, that he is disorganised, that he betrays almost every personal commitment he has. 

“He was manifestly unsuited to be Prime Minister from the beginning and its very disturbing that a great country like Britain should have chosen somebody so unsuitable for the role”.

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