Boris Johnson MUST scrap protocol and ‘put Northern Ireland before EU’

Boris Johnson visited Northern Ireland on Monday to hold talks with party leaders after the Democratic Unionist Party refused to form a devolved administration over the Northern Ireland protocol. In the recent election on May 5, Sinn Fein were elected as the largest party but Vice-President Michelle O’Neill, cannot become First Minister without a deputy from the DUP.

The DUP argue that the Northern Ireland protocol has eroded the foundation devolution was built on and has undermined Northern Ireland’s position in the UK.

The protocol was introduced to allow an open border with Ireland, which is within the EU’s single market and customs union. 

But the scrapping of the Northern Ireland protocol would unilaterally remove the need for checks on all goods being sent between Britain and Northern Ireland. 

It would also mean businesses in Northern Ireland can disregard EU rules and remove the power of the European Court of Justice in the country.

Mr Johnson accepted the political impasse in Northern Ireland has come about as a “direct consequence” of the Brexit deal he signed.

Speaking to the BBC’s political editor on Tuesday, he insisted the Northern Ireland Protocol “had a lot to be said for it”.

But he added that it needed to be fixed as it is currently “unbalanced” in the way it’s interpreted.

In a poll that ran from 10am on Monday, May 16, to 2pm on Tuesday, May 17, asked: “Should Boris scrap Northern Ireland protocol and get the DUP back into Stormont?” 

A total of 1,953 people cast their votes with the dominant answer – 91 percent (1,784 people) of  votes) – being “yes”, Mr Johnson should scrap the Northern Ireland protocol and get the DUP back into Stormont.

A further nine percent said “no” Mr Johnson should not scrap the Northern Ireland protocol.

Just seven people said they did not know if the protocol should be scrapped or not.

Mr Johnson, among other ministers, has accused Brussels of implementing trade checks in a way not justified by the terms of the withdrawal agreement.

Mr Johnson told Channel 4 News: “I hoped and believed that our friends would not necessarily want to apply the Protocol in quite the way that they have.”

Some claimed the people of Northern Ireland had already made a decision on the protocol due to the election result.

Username dab said: “The people of Northern Ireland have already voted in favour of Sinn Fein and therefore in favour of the protocol.”

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