Brexit Britain has countries 'queuing' desperate for trade pacts -SIX big deals to be done

The Cabinet minister said countries were “queuing up” to do a post-Brexit deal with Britain. It comes as the UK prepares to start formal rate talks with Canada tomorrow.

But the Berwick-upon-Tweed MP said there were a number of other countries eagerly awaiting to begin negotiations.

She pointed to Israel, India, Mexico, Greenland and the US as other major economies the UK could strike deals with in the coming years.

Taking a jibe at the Remainer naysayers who claimed Britain would become isolated after Brexit, the minister said the UK was attracting interest all across the globe.

“We do ourselves down, the rest of the world thinks the UK is amazing and they want to work with a trusted partner,” she told The Sun.


“People are queuing up wanting to do trade deals with it, which I find very encouraging.”

More than 70 free trade deals have been struck since the UK left the EU in 2017.

Most recently terms were agreed with Australia and New Zealand on comprehensive free trade deals – two countries the EU is yet to sign a pact with.

A number of other deals done have been rolled over from when the UK was a part of the bloc, but Ms Trevelyan is keen to upgrade the terms of the agreements.

The UK already has a deal with Canada from when it was a member of the EU but the International Trade Secretary wants to sign what she has dubbed “Canada 2.0”.

She said: “There will be some really chunky stuff in there to discuss, which will be good and they’re really up for it.

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“That’s why they’re top of my pile because they’ve really leaned in and said we want to move to the next phase. Okay you’re on.”

Britain has put emerging markets such as the digital and green sectors at the heart of negotiations its had to date.

Ministers have also pushed to slash red tape so that small and medium sized businesses can export to Canada and pitch for lucrative contracts with the Canadian government.

At the same time, it is hoped a deal will mean cheaper imports for Britons.

Tariff reductions could mean cheaper beef burgers, maple syrup and Canadian whisky.

Ms Trevelyan is travelling to Canada directly from Baltimore in the US where she has been holding trade talks with Joe Biden’s representative Katherine Tai.

Following two months of talks, yesterday the two partners announced an agreement to remove US tariffs on the uK steel and aluminium industry that were first introduced by Donald Trump.

Ms Trevelyan said the announcement was “good news for our steel and aluminium industries who have been unfairly hit by these tariffs, and the 80,000 people employed across the sector”.

She added she hoped the breakthrough would mean “we can now move forward and focus on deepening our thriving trading relationship with the US”.

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