'Brexit is NOT done!' Suella says restoring Britain's freedoms fully is the top priority

Speaking to Express.co.uk, she said: “I think Brexit as an issue is still a real priority in our country.

“Whilst Boris did a huge amount to get Brexit done and deliver on the Referendum and do the deal, there are so many outstanding issues that need resolving whether it is being tough with the EU on the Northern Ireland Protocol, so we get the proper settlement so that Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom.

“Whether it is about creating opportunities for every single person in the country from removing some of the onerous and excessive regulations and bureaucracy imposed by Brussels which still apply today.

“Or whether it is actually making much more of a connection when it comes to migration. We are still failing when it comes to stopping the boats crossing the Channel, I’m afraid.”

She also made it clear she thought Mr Johnson’s Government had fallen short on making the most of Brexit opportunities.

She said: “Jacob Rees-Mogg has been doing an excellent job. He will be introducing a bill very soon to help with the Brexit deregulatory agenda.

“There is far more we can do. There is a corpus of law, acts of Parliament, and regulations, thousands and thousands of them have come from the EU.

“To my mind they don’t have legitimacy.

“On many occasions we voted against them at the European Council level but we were forced to rubber stamp them into force in the UK.

“I think there is an argument to say that this Parliament can take back control over its laws and actually go back and review whether some of those laws are still necessary and keep those we think are not necessary, but I think on reflection we would find many of those laws are no longer required.”

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Ms Braverman shared a platform with another rival Nadhim Zahawi where they signed up to the economic principles of the relaunched Thatcherite Conservative Way Forward today.

However, she is trying to show clear blue water with her rivals on Brexit and social issues.

Her real target is removing the ability of the ECHR in Strasbourg to block British made laws.

The latest controversy was a ruling made in secret by a judge the court has refused to identify to stop the deportation flights to Rwanda.

On the small boats issue, she said: “We need a more robust approach and my analysis of it is that we are still being blocked in legal terms from having the proper powers to remove the illegal migrants to Rwanda.

“To my mind we need to leave the ECHR in order to have the proper sovereignty over our borders and powers we need to do what we think is right in the national interest.

“That is honour the agreement that we have struck with Rwanda and remove the illegal migrants that are coming here, exploiting vulnerable people, often at risk of death as we have seen tragically, unfortunately only fuelling people smugglers.

“That is the only way to deal with this problem.”

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