Brexit LIVE: 'You can see it from space!' Remainers revel in Dover queue chaos

Anti-Brexit peer Lord Michael Heseltine believes Boris Johnson’s resignation could spark another EU referendum and reverse Brexit.

The former Deputy Prime Minister is a leading campaigner for another vote on EU membership and told Times Radio: “The Brexit agenda was a pack of lies … What happens if Boris goes, does Brexit go – throw the whole thing up in the air?”

Mr Johnson’s premiership is hanging by a cliff edge and facing growing pressure from Tory backbenchers since he attended a lockdown breaking drinks party at Number 10.

Many MPs are predicting that it won’t be long before he will face a leadership contest. Lord Heseltine continued: “Will the majority now of people who believe Brexit was wrong, have another chance to express their view?”

Brexiteer Peter Bone warned it could be a possibility too.

He said: “It’s another reason why my colleagues are rallying around the PM.”

And from the opposition, Lord Adonis also hinted Britain could rejoin the EU without Mr Johnson. He said: “You never know how quickly things can change.”

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