Brexit POLL: Should UK listen to Sadiq Khan and push to rejoin EU single market?

The Mayor of London made his case after reports revealed that the EU has dealt a multi-million-pound blow to UK trade. His comments also came after the Government won a Commons vote on the Northern Ireland Bill, authorising a second reading on legislation to alter the Brexit deal concerning Northern Ireland.

When asked at the State of London debate on Tuesday, June 28, if the Labour Party should nationally be pushing to rejoin the single market, he said: “I don’t speak for the national Labour Party. But I believe we should…spot on.”

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He then described the decision to leave the bloc as “the biggest piece of self-inflicted harm ever done to a country – leaving the European Union.”

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has dismissed a return to the single market and said his party is not nationally advocating to rejoin.

However, ministers are looking to portray the Labour and the Liberal Democrats as seeking to reverse Brexit.

Meanwhile, Lord Daniel Hannan claimed that Britain would have been better off staying in the single market.

He wrote in the Telegraph earlier this month: “We should have stayed in the single market, but rejoining it now would be madness. 

“Leaving the market was an upheaval, but it was the chance to deregulate. Instead, ministers are retaining rules we once fought to repeal.” 

So what do YOU think? Should the UK listen to Sadiq Khan and push to rejoin the EU single market? Vote in our poll and join the debate in the comment section below.

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