'Bring new energy to the garden': How to choose fence paint colour to 'fill you with joy'

Tash Bradley is Director of Interior Design for Lick and a colour expert. The paint company specialises in pigment-rich paints in fresh colours. She spoke about adding colour to your garden and how to choose the right fence paint for you. Tash advised taking inspiration from the elements already in your garden.

The paint expert said: “When painting exterior garden walls, consider them as an extension of the rooms you are in.

“So, does the colour palette in your garden work with the one in your kitchen?”

When looking at the fence and the exterior walls of you home, reflect the sky or other natural elements.

Tash said: “For structural features look at your surroundings, I love to take inspiration from nature so soft blues to reflect the tones of the sky.

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“Look at your plants for inspiration. Pink 04, Red 03 and Yellow 02 can all bring new life to your outdoor space.”

The expert also offered her advice on painting the front door.

She told readers: “When it comes to your front door make sure your first glimpse of home is one that fills you with joy.

“Choose a colour that reflects your personality and greets you with a smile.”

For overall garden transformation inspiration, look no further than one content creators before and after. 

Stephanie, a renovation influencer, added stunning furniture and a DIY water feature to her outdoor space.

The couple added paving and a pergola, which was a simple kit from Amazon.

In the pergola the couple put a gorgeous outdoor sofa and table set with an incredible fire feature in the middle.

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