British couple saves £200k on their holidays in ‘millionaire territory’ with home swapping

“Those classic swaps can either be simultaneous but they don’t have to be. If you’re coming to my home, I would vacate the home.

“Some of our members put their main residence on the platform, but others list their holiday homes. It’s really up to the members to decide what they list, and they can list as many homes as they want.

“The other way to do a ‘swap’ is using our point system. They don’t have a monetary value, points are there to create flexibility. When you join, we will give you a guidance on how many points per nights we think your home is worth. And that’s based on the size of the property, and the location of the home.

“You get some points when you join and you earn points by hosting people.

“You can use points to stay at someone’s home, if that person doesn’t want to come and stay at yours. So instead of a swap, you give them points, which they can in turn use to go and stay somewhere else.

“It gives flexibility in our ecosystem for our members to be able to travel.”

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