British Gas scam: Customers warned over ‘suspicious’ email – ‘Don’t click any links’

They said: “If you have received an email like this, it’s not from us.

“If you have received this email or anything else suspicious, don’t click any links.”

The company, which is Britain’s biggest energy supplier, also advised customers to send suspicious emails to its specialist department for dealing with phishing.

In the email the scammers demand that customers pay the bills as soon as possible

It insists that if they don’t pay within a set time the cost of the bills will increase.

They said: “If we do not receive a payment or hear from you in the next two days and we have to contact you again.

“You will be charged £140 to cover our reasonable costs.

“If we have to visit your property to collect this debt you will be charged £540.” 

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According to The Daily Telegraph they have sought advice from investment bankers Goldman Sachs in order to protect themselves from groups looking to capitalise on the energy crisis.

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