British man BEHEADED with sickle and another fighting for life in Thailand knife rampage

The man – in his 40s and originally from Somerset – was reportedly drinking beer and playing loud music with another British man at around 3am in the early hours of this morning. At some point, a local Thai man is said to have confronted them about the amount of noise they were making where they were staying in the town of Kanchanaburi, in the southwest of the country.

At some point, a fight ensued between the three – leaving one Briton dead with severe knife wounds to his neck, according to local reports.

The other Britons – a man in his 50s from Warwickshire – was left with critical injuries and is currently fighting for his life in hospital.

Thai Police are said to have arrested a 22-year-old Thai man in relation to the attack.

Local media reports say the suspect has a history of mental health problems.

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Ms Witheridge had been raped and Mr Miller had been drowned.

A fortnight later two illegal Burmese migrant workers were blamed for the deaths in what has been widely branded a show trial.

And in 2004 two other Britons were attacked and killed in Kanchanaburi.

Adam Lloyd, 25, and Vanessa Arscott, 24, had been backpacking in Thailand for two months when a row with an off-duty policeman escalated and they were both shot.

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