Britney Spears demands 'genuine apology' from family as she admits having a 'hard time'

The star, who has been donned the “Princess of Pop” in the past, went on to add: “For me just a genuine apology would help give me closure but it honestly blows my mind every day of my life even after what is known what they did to me, they still act as if that’s ok!!!!”

Britney went on to say how she feels like her family do not have any values or respect for her, going on to say that the “hard part” for her is that she “as much as she loved them, it’s something that I’ll probably ever won’t be able to get over.”

Speaking “from the heart” Britney’s honesty and openness about her well-being is always met with so much love and support from her huge hordes of fans.

On this post alone the singer got more than 90,000 likes, with celebrity faces showing their love for the star in the comments section.

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