'Brown nose award!' Nick Hewer swipes Countdown's Susie Dent over Anne Robinson

Meanwhile @motosunburn concurred: “I’m afraid I’ve no time for her since she stepped up to defend Robert Maxwell.”

@SuzieDenim bluntly added: “Her caustic comments will not be missed.”

@eggydood chimed in: “I’m afraid I’m not a huge fan of Robinson, partly because she actively supports fox hunting and partly because, well…let’s just say she’s not my cup of tea.”

Meanwhile, some fans wondered whether Susie or Carol Vorderman could step up in the future to host the show – and the latter has since tweeted that it would be an “honour”.

Carol was one of the most highly paid women in Britain during her previous stint on Countdown as a maths whizz, when she hosted for 26 years.

She has also been a source of support for Anne since she revealed she was quitting the show, exclaiming: “Awwwww…..lovely Countdown Hope you enjoyed it immensely Anne.”

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