'Bunch of middle men' Don't Pay UK blasts energy companies as Brits urged to cancel bills

As the energy crisis worsens with the latest forecast seeing the price cap on energy bills reaching £3,628 in October, the British are fearful about being unable to afford their soaring bills. The ‘Don’t Pay UK’ campaign calls for consumers to cancel their direct debit payments to energy suppliers from October 1 in protest.

Mass action will be taken, according to the organisers, unless the Government adequately addresses the crisis of sky-rocketing energy bills.

Over 100,000 people have already signed the pledge declaring they will strike in less than two months and have demanded a reduction in energy bills to an affordable level.

The campaign is expanding at national as well as local level, by signing up volunteers to act as activists in their local communities.

Nina Stanley, a Don’t Pay UK campaign organiser from Blackpool, spoke to Express.co.uk about the initiative, its aims and how it convinces people to participate.

She continued: “They’re a bunch of middle men. We need the Government to step in and deal directly with the energy giants.

“Cancelling direct debits and paying what you can afford doesn’t put you in debt.

“Yes the energy companies can threaten us but they’re already doing that to millions who can’t afford to pay.

“We need to stand together now and not let ourselves be picked off one by one.”

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