‘Burnt to the ground’ Emmerdale’s Viv Hope star details fire stunt gone wrong

Emmerdale’s legendary Viv Hope first joined the soap in 1993 when the ITV soap was called Beckindale. Her character was killed off in a fire back in 2011 and the actress has reflected on another fire stunt from her early days which took a disastrous turn and resulted in the scene being pushed back two weeks.

Nobody can forget the legendary character that was Viv Hope on the ITV soap Emmerdale.

Owner of the local Post Office, which is the place she died alongside Terry Woods (portrayed by Billy Hartman), she remains one of the show’s longest running residents.

Deena played the busybody role for 18 years and has reflected on her nearly two decade stint on the podcast Distinct Nostalgia.

Speaking about one of the first stunts she was involved in, the 67-year-old admitted it went horribly wrong.

Deena added: “I shouted out “it’s caught fire!” they had all caught fire and it all burnt to the ground.

“We had to cut and wait two weeks for them to stack it again! That was amazing as well. The plane crash was brilliant for that time, the way they did it.”

The actress is referring to the Emmerdale plane crash which is also known as the Beckindale Air Disaster.

 Airing on 30 December 1993, the episode gave the soap its highest-ever viewing with figures of 18 million.

Viv’s exit on the soap came as a shock to many viewers with fans calling the decision to kill her off an awful mistake.

 It seems that viewers aren’t the only ones bitter about the character’s departure as Deena has since said she was “deeply hurt” over Viv’s exit.

She said: “If they tempted me to stay, I would’ve stayed and I would have preferred to have given in my notice.

 “I was bitterly disappointed with the storyline exit I had as well after all the years I had been in.”

“I was hurt quite deeply and I did enjoy playing the character. I still miss that, absolutely.

“It did hurt, that’s for sure because it was a life and a person I had been playing for 18 years and it was also my son’s total upbringing and schooling.

“Although he was born in London, he was brought up in Yorkshire and he is kind of a Yorkshire man.”

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7:30pm on ITV, with an hour-long episode airing on Thursdays.

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