Caitriona Balfe height: How tall is the Outlander Claire Fraser actress?

Caitriona Balfe has portrayed time travelling nurse Claire Fraser from the very beginning, having fallen in love with Jamie Fraser from 17th Century Scotland. The Starz romantic period drama has seen their relationship stand many obstacles, including the horrific attack on Claire at the end of season five. Outlander returned for series six in March 2022 and once again, Claire’s life was ultimately in danger.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Outlander.

Malva Christie (played by Jessica Reynolds) was tragically murdered in Outlander season six and everyone is pointing the finger at Claire.

Richard Brown (Chris Larkin), who is also the head of the Committee of Safety, is out for blood, wanting revenge for the death of his brother Lionel (Ned Dennehey), who raped Claire in the series five finale.

It is demanded that Claire stands trial and Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan) only agreed if he is able to travel with her to Wilmington.

But their journey is far from a peaceful one, as Richard is determined to cause even more trouble.

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During their travels, Richard spreads a rumour that Claire is a murderer and at one point, a village of settlers begins to stone Claire and Jamie.

The loved-up couple are left with worrying injuries as a result, but this isn’t the only bad omen.

Claire and Jamie end up being separated midway through their journey with the former still being taken to Wilmington but this time alone.

The last time fans saw Claire, she was waiting in a prison cell, waiting for a jury to decide if she is guilty and if she should be hung.

However, Heughan previously revealed that there were some issues for Outlander viewers in regards to his height.

Celeb Heights previously reported that Heughan said: “Graham [McTavish]’s 6ft 2in and I’m 6ft 3in, an inch shorter than Jamie Fraser, which, as I’ve said, is still a bone of contention for some diehard Outlander fans!”

Nevertheless, Heughan and Balfe have remained a popular casting choice given their obvious chemistry.

So fans couldn’t be more excited to welcome the drama back for more.

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