‘Can I please just finish?’ Chris Philp snaps at Susanna Reid in heated tax cut row

He said: “I’m saying where there is crisis like the energy crisis where it would have taken huge amounts of money from people’s pockets £7,000 a year, far larger than the figures that Martin Lewis was talking about a minute ago, we’ve taken action to stop that happening, we’re keeping the tax burden low, so people keep more of their own money, we also provided-“

Reid could be heard trying to interject again whilst Philp was speaking before he hit back at the ITV host.

He snapped: “Can I please just finish the answer! 

“We’ve also provided support of up to £1,200 a year for the more vulnerable people to deal with the energy situation in addition to the energy price guarantee.”

Despite finishing his answer, when the interview was finished Reid let out a large sigh as she told viewers not to panic.

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