Cancer: NHS to send out home testing kits for one of the UK’s deadliest cancers – symptoms

Speaking about the test kits, Chief Executive of Bowel Cancer UK, Genevieve Edwards commented: “This is a step in the right direction towards screening from 50, which we’ve long campaigned for.

“Screening is one of the best ways to diagnose bowel cancer early, or in some cases prevent it from developing in the first place, and so inviting more people to take part is welcomed.

“Offering the home test to more people is just one of the ways to improve bowel screening, however, the biggest barrier to improving early diagnosis, and offering a world-class screening programme, is the long-standing workforce shortage in endoscopy and pathology services.”

Given the severity of bowel cancer, it is essential to know the symptoms and what to look out for; fortunately, the symptoms it causes are quite distinctive.

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