‘Can’t tell you how upsetting it is!’ Ralf Little heartbroken as he uncovers family secret

Death in Paradise star Ralf Little investigated a family rumour that he has a Welsh international footballer on his family tree in Who Do You Think You Are?. Although the actor was thrilled when his suspicions were confirmed, his joy turned to frustration when he heard what came next in his great grandfather’s story. 

Ralf was told his relative played for Chirk football club, a team based in Wales. 

“I’ve always been a decent player and I’ve never quite really know where it is come from,” Ralf said.

“Is there any record of where he played? I really, really want to find out how good he was.”

Ralf spoke to sports historian Martin Johns about Albert’s football career. 

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Earlier in the discussion, the sports historian explained the importance of Albert’s football club.

Martin explained: “This area, northeast Wales was the cradle of the game in Wales and one of the earliest areas in Britain where football really took off. 

“And Chirk, it’s not a big place, but in this era, it is one of the leading football clubs in Wales so to play for Chirk, I think meant something.”

Ralf was shown a photograph of the team from his great grandfather’s era and saw that Albert was described as a goalscorer in match reports. 

The actor was thrilled to see Albert had scored one of the winning goals when Chirk played in a Cup Final. 

“So Albert is playing in one of the top teams in Wales and he’s winning the trophy,” Martin observed. 

“Honestly, like it’s so funny,” Ralf replied. “This is 100 years ago, more than 100 years ago, and I’m genuinely delighted to read about my great-granddad winning this cup and scoring.”

“The Welsh cup is is the third oldest football tournament in the world and we have the trophy here,” the historian said. 

“Now, this is the original one this is the one your great grandfather would have held.”

Who Do You Think You Are? continues on BBC One on Thursday at 9pm.

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