Car key trick that 'could save your life' goes viral – 'look at that!'

Content creator Joey Richard gave the trick a go on his TikTok, where he boasts 2.4 million followers and has amassed 67.9 million “likes”.

He wrote to his followers: “This car key trick could save your life!”

He tried out the hack on his own car, after seeing someone else give it a go online.

How does the trick work? First, he pulls at the top of his fob and a section comes away with a hidden key attached.

He then uses this key to pop off a small piece on the right side of his car door handle. This pops off and a keyhole is revealed, with which the hidden key can be used to manually unlock the car.

The video has racked up a huge 700,000 likes on the social media app.

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One commenter said: “This video is just showing us that there are people old enough to drive who are too young to remember cars before they had clickers.”

Another wrote: “What I learned from this video is that there are a lot of folks who buy a machine worth thousands of dollars but never glance at that manual.”

Different models of cars may work differenty, so check your manual to see if yours have any hidden features.

However, there are a few common secret car key features.

Fold in wing mirrors

Some cars will automatically move your wing mirrors in if you hold down the key fob lock button for 10 seconds.

Adjust your seat

Some car models have key fobs which allow your car to “memorize” preferred seat settings.

Different key fobs can be numbered, meaning whoever’s driving will have their seat adjusted automatically.

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