Charlene White supports ITV co-star Denise Welch as stalker hell 'can't be underestimated'

Denise said: “This whole experience terrified me and continues to do so. It has changed my life.

“I have a wonderful life and this man has permanently scarred it,” she said.

Wyngard pleaded guilty to the stalking charges last September but his sentencing was delayed after he tried to change his pleas, claiming he had been “pressured” into admitting the offences.

His application to change his pleas was rejected but Louise Cowen, defending, said he maintained he was not guilty, adding that he suffered from bipolar affective disorder and had not been taking his medication.

Judge Michael Leeming said to him: “You have expressed not a single word of regret, not a single word of concern for your victims at all. Your only concern is for your own interests.”

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