Charles Leclerc set for 'significant' upgrade in warning to Max Verstappen and Red Bull

Ferrari looks set to upgrade their engine at the Spanish Grand Prix in a massive boost for Charles Leclerc’s title hopes. According to a report for Italian site the upgrades will be fitted next month after a few more races.

A source at Ferrari claimed the team wanted to carry out their reliability data programme until at least race five. That takes the Scuderia to Miami at the start of May. The report continues that the team will be able to increase power soon after ending the programme. 

Barcelona is next on the calendar after Miami so new power upgrades would be expected then. The report added Ferrari did not want to show the true power of their new engine so early in the season.

It said: “The engineers say it quietly, but Ferrari is sure to be the engine manufacturer that has recovered the most power compared to last season, despite the introduction of E10 fuels. It seems [Mattia] Binotto’s team is then also playing strategy, not wanting to show the true power of their unit this early in the season.”

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The new parts will be vital in the development race as teams get on top of their new cars. It is expected Red Bull will cut the weight of their car in the coming races in a bid to shave tenths off laptime.

Mercedes are also expected to make a somewhat resurgence in the coming races as soon they solve their porpoising issues. The Silver Arrows are expecting a new aero package at the Australian Grand Prix after development was fast-tracked.

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