'Cheap as chips' Mrs Hinch fans share natural 13p hack for descaling kettle

Mrs Hinch shot to fame when she started posting her helpful cleaning hacks to social media. She has inspired an army of fans who post their hacks for completing household chores. Mrs Hinch’s Cleaning Tips is a Facebook page with over 620,000 members.

Bridie Seymour took to the Facebook group with a request: “Any home methods how to descale my kettle without having to go out and get anything?”

Mrs Hinch fans flocked to her ad, providing some cheap, easy and innovative solutions for removing limescale.

Using a lemon was an extremely popular solution among the group.

Christine Gullick suggested: “Lemon cut in four, boil and leave overnight.

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“Boil out in the morning – kettle as good as new.”

She added: “Lemons are good for all sorts of things.

“I have used them in washing machines and dishwashers that have not been cleaned since purchased and all still shining – just put them on high heat and all good as new.”

Samantha Jane Skelly concurred, but also added: “Anything acidic really.”


Catherine Lett advised: “White vinegar and water (half and half), pour in the kettle and leave half an hour.”

Jill Stevens added: “I used white vinegar mixed with water the other day and it worked fairly well.

“I did boil it and it fizzed up like the actual chemical stuff.”

Olga Adlers suggested: “Vinegar overnight. Even balsamic vinegar worked, I just descaled kettle today in 20 minutes.”

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